Phylis Floyd

Associate Professor, Modern Art, Museology
Art History & Visual Culture

P 517-353-9105

600 Auditorium Road, 25 Kresge Art Center


Nineteenth-century French art, the influence of Japanese and Far Eastern art
on that of Europe and the United States, through the Western perception of
Asian aesthetics, to history and criticism of contemporary art and culture
comprise my teaching and research interests. I have published articles and
curated exhibitions on japonisme, Modern and contemporary art, Edouard
Manet, Ivan Albright and Frank Stella. Current research projects include:
early collections of Japanese art in the United States and its cultural
influence (a book length study), articles on Edouard Manet's painting Le
Repos and the iconographical significance of his paired submissions to the
Salon. From the 19th century to the 21st, links between high art and popular
culture, between art and its audiences, and the display and reception of
art, support many of the questions I seek to answer in my research.