Graduate Committee



The entering MFA student will consult with the professor in charge of his/her discipline and the Graduate Director about his/her first semester program.


The Professors in charge of MFA disciplines are:

Ceramics | Paul Kotula & Blake Williams

Graphic Design | Kelly Salchow MacArthur & Rebecca Tegtmeyer

Painting | Teresa Dunn & Alisa Henriquez

Printmaking | d'Ann de Simone & James Fagan

Sculpture | Laura Cloud & James Lawton


During the first semester of study the student is responsible for initiating, with the Graduate Director the request of a Major Professor. The Major Professor, selected by the student will be a tenure stream faculty member from his/her area of concentration. Once the Major Professor has been selected, he/she with the guidance committee will provide overall academic advisement, take a leadership role in annual critiques and progress evaluations.




In consultation with the Major Professor two faculty members will be selected to complete his/her Guidance Committee. All committee members must be Michigan State University faculty and at least one in addition to the Major Professor must be in the tenure stream. One of these members must also be from the student’s concentration.


Additional ex-officio members may be added to the committee with the approval of the Major Professor for the purposes of assisting in the student’s development and progress. These ex-officio members do not vote in formal reviews and decisions leading to the awarding of the degree. The Graduate Director shall serve ex-officio on all Guidance Committees during formal reviews. Any request for a change of membership in the Guidance Committee should be made to the Graduate Program Director and Major Professor, and they will work together to initiate a change.