AAHD has many active student groups that are affiliated with professional organizations. If you are interested in joining and participating contact the faculty advisors or the email addresses listed for the group and follow the social media accounts listed below.

AIGA Student Group
AIGA is the oldest and longest running professional association for design.
AIGA Student Gtoup Website
Email: MichiganStateAIGA@gmail.com
Facebook Group
Instagram: @MichiganStateAIGA
Involve at State Website
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Cifaldi

Art Education Club
This is the newest group under construction! To be involved with setting up this group affiliated with the National Art Education Association, contact the faculty advisor.
Group Website
Faculty Advisor: Dan Li

(AHA) Art History Association Student Organization
The Art History Association provides students with resources to prepare them for the field of Art History.
MSUAHA Website
Instagram: @michiganstateaha
Faculty Advisor: Jon Frey and Candace Keller

The purpose of this organization will be to create impactful experiences with the students at MSU. This organization will reach out to different buildings, community centers, and/or locations to offer volunteer services. The members of MSU Brushstrokes will plan, design, and create community murals based on the interests of the “client”. The goal is to beautify and enhance community spaces by providing a creative makeover that can bring joy to people while also giving fun and inclusive experiences to the students.
Instagram: @msubrushstrokes
Facebook Page
Contact: msubrushstrokes@gmail.com
Faculty Advisor: Lillian Young

MSU Clay Club
MSU Clay Club hosts a variety of events throughout the school year including open studio time, trips, and annual ceramic sales.
Contact: msuceramicsclub@gmail.com 
Faculty Advisor: Blake Williams

(FSDA) Fashion Design Student Association
The MSU Fashion Design Student Association is dedicated to all things fashion and promotes individual and collaborative creativity and design.
Instagram: @msufdsa
Facebook Page
Contact: msufdsa@gmail.com
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Schuiling

MSU Photography Club
The MSU Photo Club is a student lead group that seeks out all things photography related. Through studio visits, guest speakers, and field trips this group dives deep in the world of making photographs.
Faculty Advisor: Peter Glendinning