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We inspire rigorous paths of study through individual expression and collaboration across many disciplines of art, art history, and design. Through education and encouragement of broad dialogue within arts, we promote positive and sustainable change in our global community.

Art and Design at MSU





women with blue eyeliner and blue lipstick, wearing a blue veil
canvas covered in paint with paint brushes lying on top
museum with paintings in intricate gold frames
cluttered desk up against a wall covered in graphics and typography
Graphic Design
Abstract ergonomic sculpture mounted on a wall


A light blue background with a dark strip down the center, two colorful angular polygons are on either side of the strip
a camera with a purple reflection in the lense

Art photograhy

a collection of layered comic books
Comic Art & Graphic Novels
A colorful page spread
Graphic Design

Master of Fine Arts

Our MFA program seeks to expand our empathic understanding, cultivate the voices of underserved populations and ideas, and mitigate and critique damage done to ecologies, marginalized cultures, and the environment brought about by several centuries of colonialist pursuits. 

woman in art exhibit speaking to interviewer
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new program studies race through art

We have established a Critical Race Studies Residency Program that will bring an Artist-in-Residence and a Designer-in-Residence to campus to enrich the life of student experiences and the greater community by facilitating practices of inclusion through art and design as part of the Department of Art, Art History, and Design.


Born with no hands and missing her big toe along with the supporting bones on each foot, Kathryn Bailey, a 24-year-old Studio Art graduating senior hasn’t allowed her quadrilateral limb deficiency to keep her from living a “normal” life and now is about to graduate with a degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Painting and Graphic Design.

Woman in art studio painting on canvas
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Woman with glasses and brown hair placing a glass cylinder over an unseen object, against a colorful background
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MFA in Art, Art History, and Design

The Master of Fine Art program seeks highly motivated students who have the artistic and scholarly vision to guide us into equitable, sustainable, and creative futures. We encourage new and rigorous forms of artistic expression and design innovation that transcend typical constraints to make meaningful contributions to the world. A 100% funded program, your able to customize your student experience at one of the leading research institutions in the world.

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Portrait of blonde woman, wearing a red shirt
“I knew design was what I loved doing. It wasn’t until I started job searching that I found there were so many possibilities to use the skills I learned in my degree. I love working for American Girl because I get to work on such a diverse range of projects.”

Rebecca dekuiper

Apparel and Textile Design Alumna
Lead Designer, American Girl

featured News

man with hat on looking from a high vantage point at a rural, desert city in Greece

Digital Dig: A New Discovery From Ancient Greece​

Through the careful study of excavation records dating back some 40 years, Michigan State University’s Jon Frey has discovered an ancient gymnasium at the archaeological site of Isthmia, Greece.

A lion and bear cub sculpture made from metal from poaching traps

MSU Behind Detroit Zoo Sculpture Made of Illegal Snare Traps​

Michigan State University students, faculty, and researchers are the creators and driving force behind a new exhibit and one-of-a-kind sculpture now on display at the Detroit Zoo.

A collection of black and white photos of the African people of Mali

Preserving Heritage in Mali​

While interest in African photography has swelled over the past 20 years, extreme temperatures and improper storage have threatened the physical integrity of important African photo collections, and due to their high commercial value, these photos are vulnerable to theft and mistreatment, putting them at risk of being lost forever.

Smiling young woman with hip glasses and black hair, against colorful background

MSU Alumna Fostering Equity Through Art Education​

Asmaa Walton hasn’t run short of opportunity after earning a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Michigan State University in 2017. Following the completion of an M.A. in Art Politics from New York University (NYU) and a Toledo Museum of Art . . .

Man with blue medical gloves on, draws liquid from a large glass beaker

Professor’s Work Appears in World’s Largest Electronic Art Exhibition

A recent research project by Adam Brown, Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design, received an honorable mention in the 2019 Prix Ars Electronica and this award-winning work.

Storefront of Shinola Detroit, glass windows with wood lining the inisde of the store

Alumna Helps Develop Products for Shinola

Alumna Gabrielle Aldridge earned both a BFA in Apparel and Textile Design and a BA in General Management from Michigan State University in 2016. She is now the Product Development Manager for Shinola, an American luxury goods brand based in Detroit.


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