Don't see a club that fits your interests?  Then start a new one...

Student Clubs

MSU Clay Club hosts a variety of events throughout the school year including exhibitions, artwork sales, and wood fires. If you are interested in joining, contact Paul Kotula, Assistant Professor of Ceramics.

AIGA is a ninety year strong professional association for design. If you are interested in joining AIGA MSU Student Group, contact Kelly Salchow MacAthur, Associate Professor of Design.


The Art History Association provides students with resources to prepare them for the field. Events and meetings include gallery tours and career workshops. If you are interested in joining AHA, contact Jon Frey, Associate Professor.

The MSU Fashion Design Student Association is dedicated to all things fashion and promotes individual and collaborative creativity and design.  If you are interested in joining, contact FDSA here.  


Students for the Broad Art Museum is a student organization dedicated to celebrating diversity and creating connections through art and culture while promoting the Broad Art Museum. In you are interested in joining, contact SBAM here.