Faculty and students have access to technology for classes, exhibitions, and creative research...

VRL Facilities

Classroom Technology

Permanently installed multimedia carts for computers and digital video disc players, data and slide projectors and large view screens formatted for dual projection are available to the university community in rooms 41 and 108. Rooms 218 and 35 are smaller seminar rooms where podiums with cabinets hold dual slide projectors. Several portable technology carts equipped with digital projectors, laptops, and speakers are available for use throughout the building. Digital projectors for use in studio classrooms or unassigned classrooms can also be requested through ATS Media Services, 353-3960.


Computer Labs

Two computer labs (rooms 37 and 43) are available to students enrolled in Art | Art History | Design courses. These labs are equipped with design, photo, and motion graphics software, as well as scanners (both reflective and transparency), and laser printers. If you are enrolled an Art | Art History | Design course, and would like to request key card access to these labs, please complete the Computer Lab Access Request Form online


Slide Library

Slides arranged in labeled cabinets, slide trays and sign-out materials, are located in room 31. Six custom-made light tables are available for viewing and lecture planning.


Printing Lab

Large format archival color printing is available in room 31 during monitored printing hours to students enrolled in Art | Art History | Design courses.