The woodshop supports students and faculty studying in the Department of Art | Art History | Design...

Wood Shop

The Department of Art | Art History | Design houses a well-equipped woodshop on the ground floor of the Kresge Art Center. It is for the use of students currently enrolled in AAHD classes, as well as faculty and staff. A central dust collection system, and the participation of those using the shop, keeps things reasonably clean. 


Students typically receive safety training for the Woodshop during their 3-D Form foundations class, which will give them a basic introduction to proper use of personal protective gear, chop saws, band saws, drill presses, and belt, disc, spindle and detail sanders. They may also use a radial arm saw set up for cutting dadoes, as well as various hand-held electric tools and hand tools. Once training is complete, students are free to drop in and use the shop during supervised open hours. A Sawstop table saw, 15" planer. 25" thickness sander, jointer, wood lathe, steam box, hot line plastics bender, router and router table are also available on a restricted basis with the assistance of the shop technician.


Students studying painting and printmaking often utilize the shop to build supports for canvases or screen printing. When working in two-dimensional media, students can use the facilities to build frames for presenting their work. Those studying graphic design may use the space to assist in book binding.  Sculpture and ceramics student often use the shop to when constructing sculptures, making forms, or altering materials for their needs. 


The shop is generally open Monday – Thursday from 9AM to 11:30 and 12:30 to 5PM for undergraduate students, and Friday mornings from 9 to Noon. Faculty and graduate students are able to access the space 24 hours a day.