An Education in Arts and Cultural Management

Senior Hannah Avdoulos is gaining valuable experience as an Arts Administration and Gallery Intern for the Lansing Art Gallery (LAG) and is an integral part in the formation and execution of the gallery’s upcoming Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition (MCAE).

“The work that I am doing is quite literally arts and cultural management,” said Avdoulos, who is an Arts and Cultural Management minor. “It’s so awesome that I get to go to class and then apply what I’ve learned at LAG a few days later. I put into practice everything I have learned so far and continue to learn some more on site.”

On the left, a man with black hair is standing and smiling. In the center is a smiling woman with brown hair. On the right is a smiling woman with blonde hair
Hannah Avdoulos (center) poses at the Lansing Art Gallery with friends.

Avdoulos spent weeks researching the contact information for each college’s art and art related departments in order to connect the Lansing Art Gallery to colleges and universities across the state. She called, emailed and posted on social media to get the call out to artists for the MCAE.

The gallery ended up having about 150 entries for the show. Once the show had its entries, Avdoulos’ role shifted from communications to coordination. She has been organizing artist contracts, creating title cards, and doing all sorts of prep for the reception in March.

“This experience has given me such an in-depth and hands on look at how it’s done professionally at an art gallery,” Avdoulos said.

The MCAE, which is co-sponsored by the College of Arts & Letters and the College of Communications Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University, encourages artistic excellence, provides networking opportunities, and enhances professional capacity by giving young artists from universities and colleges across the state of Michigan an opportunity to display their work in a highly regarded gallery within the state.

The exhibition runs from March 1-28 at the Lansing Art Gallery, 119 N. Washington Square. A reception and awards ceremony is set for Friday, March 24, from 6-8 p.m.