Graphic Design Student Gains Experience with Hallmark Internship

Graphic Design major Chloe Jennings is spending her summer in Kansas City, Missouri, interning for Hallmark. After she applied and went through the interview process, Jennings was offered four different intern positions with Hallmark. She chose to be a design intern for two internal card brands, Studio Ink and the Signature Collection.

“For each brand, I design cards with either my original designs or I collaborate with other interns and designers to create a composition,” Jennings said. “I work with very talented art directors, editorial directors, illustrators, and lettering artists. Networking is strongly encouraged to learn as much as you can about the various aspects of the company. I have had meetings with a variety of art directors and managers and they are all more than willing to take you under their wing.”

Woman wearing a jean top and skirt sitting on an orange couch
Chloe Jennings at Hallmark

The Studio Ink brand is part of the greetings department and focuses on cards for younger generations, while the Signature Collection is the premium card collection at Hallmark that makes use of a variety of materials and focuses on high-end cards with attachments.

Jennings started out at MSU as a Media and Information major, but then switched to Graphic Design her junior year.

“It was one of the best decisions of my college career,” she said. “So far within the Graphic Design program, I have had local freelance opportunities, won a mural contest for Panda Express where my designs were put up on the store’s wall, and won four student ADDYs for my student work.”

From St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Jennings also works as a graphic design intern for MSU’s College of Arts & Letters and the College of Engineering during the school year.

Woman wearing a jean dress sitting in front of a white wall that says "Signature"
Chloe Jennings at Hallmark

“While I’ve been at MSU, the most valuable resources have been my professors and mentors at my design internships,” Jennings said. “The opportunities and accomplishments I’ve had can all be traced back to them and how much they have pushed me. When I leave MSU, I will take with me a wide variety of skills – from my design skills to how to work with others.”

The advice Jennings has for other students is to “think about your values and find a company that has the same and apply no matter how far out you think your chances are. And while you are at school, take every opportunity that will grow your skills even if it scares you. Having a group of friends inside your major is even more helpful than you might think, not only do you get great friends but you get friends who can talk about your passions and it unknowingly makes you a better professional in your field.”