April 19 – April 26, 2021

The Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University is pleased to announce WOMAN, a solo virtual exhibition by Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidate Arin Winn.

Winn’s exhibition features 2D digital collages that aim to switch the gender roles of sexist phrases towards women that have been implemented and normalized in society for generations, and give power and a voice back to the woman. Not only is she bringing to light these phrases that are still said today, and making her audience realize these seemingly normal sayings actually have sexist undertones, but is also including the use of pinup girls that have been taken directly from vintage advertisements. This is a vital aspect to Winn’s series, as many of these girls were made by male artists and depicts them in the “male gaze”. The history of pinup girls in advertisements dates back to the 1860’s, and aimed to show that no matter what the task, women were expected to always look “sexy” and “in need” of a man. In reality, this set a completely unrealistic and degrading standard that women are expected to uphold.

Arin Winn’s solo virtual exhibition will be available to view using the link above from April 19th to April 26th.