I hope my Mom hangs this on her refrigerator

Olivia Morea

March 13 – March 17, 2023 | KAC Gallery 101

Reception: Thursday, March 16 | 6-8 PM

I Hope My Mom Hangs This on Her Refrigeratoris an exploration into the complex relationships between generations of mothers and daughters and society’s strain on that bond. Works in this show consist of embroidered objects and oil paintings that are representative of the domestic sphere. I intentionally create using methods deemed as “craft” – processes and materials that have long been considered women’s work instead of fine art. I elevate these pieces by displaying them with oil paintings, a traditionally accepted fine art medium dominated by men. To examine various household items and scenes. This body of work delineates the striking differences between generations, and at times their resemblance through blended hallmarks of different time periods. I Hope My Mom Hangs This on Her Refrigeratoris not only the product of my considerations about the nature of familial ties, but a recognition and appreciation for the women in my family who have come before me and shaped who I am as a person and as an artist.