The ever present presence of myself and my communities.

Morgan Renee

Second Year MFA Candidate

Kresge Art Center Gallery 114

November 13-24, 2023

My research reveals spoken and unspoken forms of communication in the various spheres of my communities I interact with as a black individual in my daily life. With a journalistic approach, I record traces of human activities by placing Yupo paper in domestic spaces with high traffic, letting natural oils accumulate overtime. Ink is then washed over, revealing the resistance of the temporal composition. Themes that inform my work include invisibility and visibility, the right to opacity, and black sensibility. The monochromatic space stands on its own, directing the focus to the mark-making. With the support of people from my hometown, Baltimore County, Maryland, their presence is a direct collaboration of my spontaneous process. I will continue to explore my intersectional identity in an ever present presence of myself by cultivating a specific codex to respond back to my community.

  • Morgan Renee Hill