Art Education Major Completes Internship with Pottery Studio

Kailey DeWeerd, a senior Art Education major, completed an internship at Cherry Hill Potters Guild in Canton, Michigan, and shared her experiences as a Studio Student Intern in the following Q&A that originally was published by the Excel Network.

Woman with hair pulled back into a ponytail wearing a red hooded sweatshirt that says "Polo" on it standing in front of a window with the words "Cherry Hill Potters Guild"
Kailey DeWeerd at the Cherry Hill Potters Guild.

How did you obtain your internship?

I obtained this internship through Handshake, and through word of mouth from my advisors and professor.

What were your internship responsibilities?

My responsibilities consisted of conducting studio maintenance, assisting with classes/workshops, attending committee meetings, and serving as the guild’s presence at art fair sales.

What did your daily routine include?

My daily routine included some studio maintenance, including cleaning, pugging clay, making glazes, loading/unloading kilns, as well as practicing throwing, hand building, and glaze combinations.

What skills did you learn and/or build upon during your internship?

I improved my throwing techniques, narrowed down my style, and was introduced to plenty of new glaze recipes and combinations. I also learned about Raku firing in much greater detail than we learned at MSU.

What did you learn about the industry from this internship?

I learned a lot about the pottery industry and education because I was able to talk to art teachers who have now retired, as well as attend ceramic-focused classes to see how they were led.

What was your favorite experience from this internship?

My favorite experience from this internship was being able to connect with experienced potters and learn how to properly go about selling pottery.

What advice do you have for others seeking internship opportunities?

My advice for other students seeking an internship is to be confident, open to learning, and willing to expand your horizons. Go for what you want and stick to it!