Jasmine Brocks-Matthews

BFA Solo Exhibition 

Kresge Art Center | Gallery 101

Feb 19 – 23

Reception Feb 23 | 4 – 6pm

My artwork investigates African American identity, how we see ourselves within our community and how we are treated by society. I am interested in mirroring how we are treated, accepted, and seen in comparison to White people in a hypocritical world. My goal is to depict what is at times blatant racism in the media, tv, and literature, but also pull back the veil on what is obscured. This includes depicting racist stereotypes/caricatures of people who look like me; but also showcases how colorism has been passed down from generation to generation. Other subtopics of interest include Black mental health, self-hatred, and voluptuous Black bodies.

I have been experimenting with painting on layered pieces of plexiglass, acetate and vinyl. The images, objects, and environments I depict are at times only “partially” painted or left purposely unfinished to leave room for viewing layered images behind. Working in this way allows my audience to see multiple images at the same time as well as view the piece from different angles. This layering suggests how the different figures, objects, and environments exist in relationship to one another. At the same time, layers reveal something that is intentionally hidden; such as how dark skin Black women are made to feel insignificant and how we ourselves project that onto each other in a generational cycle of self-hatred. A cycle that I aim to expose.