We’re Losing The Recipes

Black women in kitchen spaces as art

March 11 – 15, 2024

Reception: March 11, 6 – 8pm

Michaela Nichelle ‘Mike’ Martin (She/They)

b. 2002 | Kalamazoo, MI

Step into the evocative world of Michaela Nichelle’s exhibition, “We’re Losing the Recipes,” where the artist delves deep into the transformative power of food and community.

Drawing from a personal journey of love and healing, Michaela Nichelle’s exploration uncovers the profound connection between food and freedom. Inspired by the enduring wisdom imparted by Black women throughout their life, the artist reveals the kitchen as a sacred space—a sanctuary of fellowship and resilience where laughter and nourishment defy societal constraints.

Rooted in the rhythms of family gatherings andshared meals, this exhibition invites viewers to witness the artist’s profound lessons of resilience and community learned from their elders. Through their love-infused teachings, Michaela Nichelle emerges as a scholar and artist, grounded in a sense of community and ancestral dreaming.

As visitors traverse this sacred space, they are invited to engage with respect and openness, embracing the stories and experiences of remarkable Black Femmes. Through their voices, intertwined with the artist’s own narrative, “We’re Losing the Recipes” becomes a collective journey of empowerment and enrichment. Reminding the audience that the recipes can never be lost if they hold space for their ancestors’ testimonials.