Tasting On The Table

Zhiling Wu

BFA Solo Exhibition 

Kresge Art Center | Gallery 114

April 1 – April 5, 2024

Closing Reception: Friday, April 5 | 6 pm – 8 pm

My art is deeply rooted in my life experiences, driven by a sincere concern for the emotional well-being of others. I find purpose in sharing my journey, aiming to offer solace and healing to those who engage with my work. Yet, I refrain from presenting my creations as a rigid solution to the complexities of what is deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’; instead, I strive to ignite inspiration within my audience.

Utilizing photography, painting, and ceramics as my chosen mediums, each possesses unique qualities that enable me to effectively convey my ideas. Photography serves as a conduit for capturing life’s fleeting moments and emotions, immortalizing the essence of each instance.

Painting allows for a dramatic expression of emotions, providing a canvas for the raw intensity of human experience. In ceramics, the malleability before firing affords me creative freedom, while the transformative process of firing reflects the multifaceted nature of human emotions within my sculptures. The amalgamation of these mediums lends a profound dimensionality to my work.

In Tasting on the Table, food is my primary subject of expression. Growing up my life revolved around school from the age of two, with only brief visits home on weekends. Consequently, my interactions with my family predominantly occurred around the dinner table where I developed the skill of discerning relationships through food. I aim to explore the significant impact of intergenerational relationships on individuals’ mental well-being. As time passes, the growing divergence between generations shapes distinct perceptions of love, influenced by varied life experiences and cognitive perspectives. Past generations prioritized building a better future for their families, while the present generation seeks deeper companionship and acknowledgment. Consequently, conflicts arise as each generation views the other as self-centered, leading to feelings of inadequacy. This discord is exacerbated by the fast-paced nature of modern life, hindering reflection and adaptability. Yet, amidst this discord lies the potential for profound connection.