MSU Preparing Apparel and Textile Design Major for Future Success

As an Apparel and Textile Design (ATD) major, Hayden Starr is, of course, drawn to fashion. She also loves art, makeup, travel, photography, and Disney World, having visited the theme park about 15 times. Her dream is to one day design Disney clothing, either for the company itself or on her own.

While the idea of becoming an entrepreneur appeals to her, she also is interested in becoming a buyer for a major department store where she can help build a good foundation for business.

Hayden Starr

“Coming to Michigan State, I’ve learned so much about art,” she said. “I didn’t have a portfolio when I came here so I was worried I would be behind, but many students like me were in the same situation and now I don’t feel behind at all. MSU has prepared me in so many ways.”

In Spring 2022, Starr received the Ellen B. Judson Award, which is presented each year to the student who attains the highest academic standing in ATD courses at the close of their sophomore year.

“Coming to Michigan State, I’ve learned so much about art…MSU has prepared me in so many ways.”

As the recipient of this award, she received a $200 scholarship. While $200 may not sound like much, Starr says every little bit helps. Now in her junior year, Starr says she used most of the money to purchase an out-of-print book for one of her classes that she otherwise might not have been able to readily afford. She admits the award also did wonders for her self-esteem.

“I was very shocked and grateful when I received the scholarship,” she said. “Being rewarded for my hard work felt very nice. I was just proud of myself because I take school very seriously.”

Starr, who is from St. Joseph, Michigan, expects to graduate from MSU with a B.A. in Apparel and Textile Design in Spring 2024.