Department of Art, Art History, and Design Announces 2023 Award and Scholarship Winners

The Department of Art, Art History, and Design (AAHD) honored its 2023 award and scholarship recipients during the opening reception for the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, which was held on March 31 at (SCENE) Metrospace. The awards and scholarships recognize Art, Art History, and Design students for their outstanding coursework and creative skills this past academic year. 

Photo of building name on roof.

The following is the complete list of 2023 AAHD awards and scholarship recipients: 

Joe and Shirley Kuszai Endowed Scholarship

Awarded by Graphic Design faculty, the Joe and Shirley Kuszai Endowed Scholarship is presented to an outstanding undergraduate student at the junior level majoring in Graphic Design.

2023 Recipients:

  • Hope Bennethum, Graphic Design junior
  • Donna Proctor, Graphic Design junior
  • Thanh Tran, Graphic Design junior

Marta S. Hentschel Schafer Endowed Scholarship in Art

The Marta S. Hentschel Schafer Endowed Scholarship in Art is awarded to one or more outstanding undergraduate students with a major in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. The award is typically given to students from Michigan.

2023 Recipients:

  • Laine Lord, Art History and Visual Culture junior
  • Jasmine Brocks-Matthews, Studio Art junior
  • Miriam Deeb, Graphic Design junior
  • Emelia Rush, Graphic Design junior
  • Hadara Willis, Studio Art junior

Ralph Calder Scholarship

Presented by the AAHD Undergraduate Awards Committee and named after Ralph Calder, architect of the Kresge Art Center, which houses the Department of Art, Art History, and Design, this scholarship is awarded annually to junior level students in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design who have demonstrated excellence in their completed coursework and exhibited potential for performing superbly in their senior year. 

2023 Recipients:

  • Jasmine Brocks-Matthews, Studio Art junior
  • Rachael Grain, Studio Art junior
  • Isabella Lopez, Art History and Visual Culture and English Language and Literature sophomore

Geraldine Potchen Award

The Geraldine Potchen Award is presented to a sophomore in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design who has demonstrated excellence in their completed coursework and who exhibits superb potential. The award was established by Dr. E. James Potchen, MSU Professor of Radiology, and is given annually in honor of Mrs. Potchen.

2023 Recipient:

  • Jada Taylor, Art History and Visual Culture sophomore

Jens Plum Award

The Jens Plum Award, established by Nancy Plum in memory of her husband, Jens Plum, is presented to a junior or senior Studio Art major whose work reveals special artistic insight through the act or process of drawing.

2023 Recipient:

  • Abbey Behan, Studio Art and Packaging senior

Anna E. Bayha Award

Awarded by Apparel and Textile Design faculty, the Anna E. Bayha Award is presented to a student who, at the close of their junior year, has shown unusual ability in the field of clothing, displayed a high scholastic standing, and demonstrated to be partially or wholly self-supporting.

2023 Recipient:

  • Katie Groner, Apparel and Textile Design junior

Anna Creekmore Award

The Anna Creekmore Award is given to a graduating Apparel and Textile Design senior who has demonstrated creativity, outstanding scholastic achievement, and professional potential.

2023 Recipient:

  • Jade Jaarda, Apparel and Textile Design senior

Ellen B. Judson Award

The Ellen B. Judson Award is presented to the Apparel and Textile Design student attaining the best and highest standing in clothing courses at the close of their sophomore year.

2023 Recipient:

  • Sara Lusky, Apparel & Textile Design sophomore

Carolyn J. Hook Scholarship

The Carolyn J. Hook Scholarship recognizes students who are doing outstanding work in the area of ceramics.

2023 Recipient:

  • Mackenzie Sheehan-D’Arrigo, Studio Art senior

Ralf Henricksen Award

The Ralf Henricksen Award is given to a graduating Studio Art major whose focus is in painting and whose work is deemed to be the most successful among their peers in their final year of study. The award was established by Mr. and Mrs. Coey in memory of Mrs. Coey’s father Ralf Henrickson.

2023 Recipients:

  • Jessie Gott, Fall 2022 graduate with a BFA in Studio Art
  • Valentino Orlando, Studio Art senior

Gretel Geist Rutledge Award

The Gretel Geist Rutledge Award recognizes students who are producing outstanding work through printmaking. This award aims to encourage students to continue their passion for print.

2023 Recipient:

  • Phoebe Schorer, Studio Art senior