Emily Hollenbaugh

Studio Art BA Candidate, Fall 2023

Kresge Art Center, Gallery 101, November 13- November 24, 2023

In Interconnect, the artist explores the fundamental and elusive aspects of the relationships and bonds that tie people together by delving into the intricate tapestry of intimacy. Their photography invites the viewers to find inspiration and reflection in the beauty of personal and shared moments, the depth of emotions, and the power of closeness and vulnerability. Furthermore, the deliberate ambiguity within the prints is designed to foster inclusivity, enabling the audience to become a part of the work and see themselves within it.
The artist serves as a witness, providing validation and tangible presence by capturing the moments that exemplify these essential bonds. By presenting these depictions, the artist strives to underscore the significance of the subject matter, showcasing the networks of care and support that sustain humanity in such a complex world.