Electronic Art & Intermedia(EAI) is a new, emerging area of study within the Department of Art, Art History, and Design that explores new forms of artistic output brought about by new technologies. EAI builds on the historical philosophy of Intermedia, which provides a framework for breaking down and combining different models of thought and bringing together seemingly disparate disciplines, leading to the establishment of new forms of research and creative activity. EAI encourages and facilitates collaborations with students and faculty across different disciplines, both within and outside of the arts.


Introduction to Electronic Art, Advanced Electronic Art and Intermedia Workshop, Experiments in Digital Video, Digital Fabrication and Interactive Environments, Independent Study.


The Form From Thought Laboratory (FFT Lab) is an extension of the emerging area of Electronic Art and Intermedia featuring a collaborative research and studio environment. The Lab is a brand new, state of the art electronic fabrication, prototyping and sculpture facility designed for research and fostering interdisciplinarity. The physical lab includes a Computer Numerical Control Epilog Laser cutter, a 3D laser scanner, and a 48×96″ 3 axis Alpha Shopbot router. It includes an Electronics Lab equipped for microprocessor development and programming, as well as ocsilliscopes, various bench supplies both AC and DC, component cabinet, and various hand tools. In addition, the FFT Lab provides a gathering space for faculty and students. The FFT Lab is dedicated to providing tools and resources to help bridge disciplines. In addition to the FFT Lab, the Kresge Art Center has two macintosh computer labs with all adobe software and a complete print lab with monitored hours.

Students taking Electronic Art & Intermedia courses also have access collaborative access to the Physics and Astronomy Machine Shop as well as Industrial Engineering’s 3D printing facility.


Students engaged with the area of Electronic Art and Intermedia are prepared to navigate and become leaders in the new creative economy. Those who major in Electronic Art and Intermedia follow a variety of career trajectories. Some students go on to pursue advanced graduate degrees (MA, MFA, PhD) with a goal of entering academic or administrative careers. Others become practicing artists and some find opportunities in various commercial sectors. Students from other disciplines who take courses in EAI broaden their marketability and knowledge base as they navigate the job market or pursue graduate education.