The Foundations Program provides a comprehensive common initial experience for art majors with a broad introduction to artistic practice and ideation for all students. The handling of form, concept, and content, and the vocabulary of the visual arts ultimately challenges and changes how students think and see. This shared gateway into the art program fosters an early sense of artistic community that leads to a richer discourse within all areas of the department.


These classes are studio-based, intensive, and prerequisite to all other Studio Art courses. The Foundations area faculty include full-time Professors, graduate assistants, fixed term teaching specialists and adjunct faculty. Class capacities are held to between fifteen and twenty students for studio classes allowing for direct mentorship with teachers and ample working space. Our STA 112- Concepts and Practices in Contemporary Art & Design class brings together all incoming students from across the department fostering a sense of community and cohort.

Four classes comprise the Foundations area:

STA 110- Drawing I
STA 112- Art & Design: Concepts and Practices
STA 113- Color and Design
STA 114- Three-Dimensional Form