The Painting program embraces a wide range of approaches within the discipline while placing a continual emphasis on the meaningful integration of form and content. As students matriculate through their courses, they are encouraged to find a personal connection to the medium as informed by both, a broad theoretical knowledge, and a formal and technical understanding of traditional and contemporary approaches. At the advanced level, students are specifically challenged to develop a sense of artistic direction and an ability to place their work within the context of the current and historical practice of painting. Field trips to galleries and museums, and lectures by visiting professional artists and critics are scheduled regularly to augment coursework.


Three large well-lit studios provide undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue study in this discipline. Beginning Painting is set in a shared and sizable studio while intermediate and advanced students are assigned individual spaces within a communal environment. Basic studio furniture and easels are supplied.

Students have easy access to other resources housed within Kresge Art Center including: a fully-equipped woodshop, the visual resource library, two digital labs, two exhibition galleries, two installation project spaces, the Form from Thought digital fabrication lab, and the Broad Art Museum.


Successful graduates have exhibited their work nationally and internationally as practicing artists. They have also worked as illustrators, muralists, educators, curators and held positions in galleries and museums and various art related industries.