Students in Photography create projects using a wide range of creative expression within the medium. Techniques range from traditional darkroom to digital formats, blending technical and aesthetic knowledge resulting in unique individual creative concepts. The program’s primary focus is on each student as a unique creative individual. It’s goal is to guide students as they develop new ways of seeing and create photo-related projects that express their own stylistic signature.


The Photography program offers courses in three different facilities in Kresge Art Center:  a digital photo lab equipped with Canon Pro-1 printers and Epson scanners, a professionally equipped lighting studio with industry-standard ProFoto equipment, and darkroom facilities for large format film processing and some alternative processes.  Advanced digital cameras, view cameras, lenses, and portable lighting equipment are available for student use in various courses.

Students have easy access to other resources housed within Kresge Art Center including: a fully-equipped woodshop, the visual resource library, two digital labs, two exhibition galleries, two installation project spaces, the Form from Thought digital fabrication lab, and the Broad Art Museum. 


Both BA and BFA students have gone on to a wide range of careers in Photography, including fine art, advertising, fashion, and magazine/editorial illustration. Some have pursued an MFA degree, and thereafter held positions in college Photography and design programs.