The Printmaking Program provides study in a variety of print media and approaches including intaglio, lithography, relief and collagraph. Students are expected to gain proficiency in the processes of each media. Instructor demonstrations provide increased understanding of the unique differences between Printmaking media, allowing students to gain confidence in their own abilities. Classes are small and foster a learning atmosphere that is communal yet personalized. Individual reviews and class critiques encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas and viewpoints. The program’s goal is to encourage students to develop personalized imagery within the framework of their technical expertise.


Printmaking has two large well-lit studios on the second floor of Kresge Art Center dedicated to the study of print media. Students have access to two etching presses and four lithography presses. The etching presses will also accommodate relief and collagraph printing.

Students have easy access to other resources housed within Kresge Art Center including: a fully-equipped woodshop, the visual resource library, two digital labs, two exhibition galleries, two installation project spaces, the Form from Thought digital fabrication lab, and the Broad Art Museum. In addition, technical support and professional staffing is available to facilitate use of these resources.


Successful graduates have exhibited their work nationally and internationally as practicing artists. They have also worked as educators, curators, critics, and held positions in galleries and museums and various art related industries.