Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor of Art Sculpture students experience a program focused towards intensive studio experience supported by individual and peer group interaction, visiting artists, demonstrations and critiques. Currently the course curriculum and overall program emphasizes the fine arts, maintains high standards in the area of skills, and exposes the student to the history of Sculpture along with contemporary art practices and theory. Our students’ approaches range from traditional forms of fabricating, modeling, casting and carving to video, performance, and multimedia installations with a cross-disciplinary approach focusing on individual’s uniqueness reflecting a diversity of awareness, interpretation and expression.


The Sculpture program is situated in a two-story facility just outside Kresge Art Center. The annex includes private undergraduate/graduate studios, general work areas, a metals shop, a walk-in plastics and paint spray room, a critique and installation gallery, a modeling and plaster room, and a ceramic shell and wax room. Enabling students to explore a wide range of processes, the facility is equipped with a state of the art ventilation system. Technical support is available on a regular basis.

The main Kresge Art Center building also includes a well-equipped foundry with a programmable burnout kiln, one-ton bridge crane, and a large courtyard and outdoor work area are adjacent to the facilities.

Students have easy access to other resources housed within Kresge Art Center including: a fully-equipped woodshop, the visual resource library, two digital labs, two exhibition galleries, two installation project spaces, the Form from Thought digital fabrication lab, and the Broad Art Museum.


Successful graduates have exhibited their work nationally and internationally as practicing artists. Sculpture alumni can be found working as educators in major universities, curators at galleries and museums, and professionals in various other art related industries.