I Carry My Guilt Like a Baby (Surrender, Surrender)

Abbey Behan

November 27 – December 8

Kresge Art Center, Gallery 114

Reception December 8, 6-8PM

| Carry My Guilt Like a Baby (Surrender, Surrender) is an installation born from found collage materials a visceral exploration of inner turmoil as the catalyst for transformation Through the deliberate disassembly of entirety into fragments an opportunity arises to forge something new. The controlled chaos embedded in fragmented figures yearns for a harmonious resolution, creating a visual interplay of struggle and revelation.

A single line emerging from the intensity of aggression, threads its way through the composition, offering glimpses of serenity and connecting each shard like pieces of a puzzle. In essence, this work pays homage to disorder, celebrating the enigmatic spaces that exist between the states of being and becoming. / Carry My Guilt Like a Baby (Surrender, Surrender) is a testament to the beauty found within the turbulence, a poignant reminder that from chaos emerges the potential for profound metamorphosis.