STA 110 introduces the fundamentals of drawing as an expressive medium. Drawing is a powerful tool for visualizing, understanding, and interpreting the world around us. The course is grounded in a direct observational approach, and designed to facilitate the development of visual thinking, an ability to draw from imagination and awareness of somatic connections between perception and the translating hand.

Basic visual/design elements such as line, shape, space, place, value and texture are introduced through a series of drawing activities designed to develop a student’s perceptual awareness and ability to represent a 3D world within a 2D plane. Diverse historical and contemporary artists and cultural context are presented, framing the discussion of how drawing is used by artists and designers today.

Learning objectives:

– Visual Ideation and image development
– Visual Elements and their application (line, shape, space, plane, value, color, texture)
– Drawing systems, facility with various drawing materials
– Compositional Systems
– Vocabulary
– Sourcing
– Contemporary and historical context
– Drawing as Technology
– Drawing as Process
– Drawing as Discovery
– Drawing as Record
– Drawing as Embodiment
– Perceptual awareness
– Develop their visual vocabulary
– Develop visual thinking skills
– Familiarity/understanding organizing principles design